Office cleaning tips and tricks


Formally employed people spend more than 40 hours a week in the office. In many cases, they are under pressure to meet deadlines and complete hard projects. Research has shown that a cluttered office negatively affects workflow. Many offices are using commercial cleaners while workers are advised to take care of their clutter. There are those things which you can do by yourself. If for instance you accidentally pour tea on your working desk, you cannot sit and wait for the cleaners to wipe it off for you. This article will take you through some simple tips that will help you keep your working space clean.

File as much as you can

Piling papers are among the most irritating things in your space. Try to organize yourself such that you will have your stuff filed before you go home. To achieve that, set up labeled file holders and make it a habit to use them from time to time. The same should be applied to your computer. Keep your files organized. It even makes it easy to locate documents.

Clean your desk

officeDo you love taking lunch from your desk? If yes, clean it after every meal. Yes, now that you decided to make it your kitchen table, take the responsibility to wipe off any spill immediately. Cleaning your desk will take less than five minutes of your time. You can use a window cleaner or paper towels.

Clean the electronics

The computer is the most commonly used electronic in the office. More so the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse and keyboard will accumulate germs and dirt throughout the day. This is true irrespective of how clean your hands are. Make it a habit to clean your keyboard and mouse from time to time with antibacterial wipes. It makes a huge difference.

A place for everything

The secret to a visually appealing desk is to have a place for everything. That said, assign a place for all your items and label them. This way you will never forget. It is a good idea to reduce clutter or things you no longer use. You will be dealing with less dust as well.

Get rid of junk

disorganized working tableYes, you might be in love with a collection of bottles, pens, business cards, calendars, etc., but are they necessary? This is junk. Take away anything no longer in use from your desk and make it free. This way you will have enough space to work from. Your desk is a reflection of yourself. The more stuff you have on it, the more people will think how disorganized you are.…


Major problems faced by artists

Arts and Entertainment

Artwork is becoming popular day by day. Due to high competition, artists face a lot of challenges, and at times the feeling of being alone takes over them. As a society, we should learn to appreciate and support artists in all aspects. This article will discuss some of the common problems faced by artists worldwide. The challenges do not only affect the newbies but already established ones as well. Read on for more details.

My art is not good

artworkAs an artist, you can relate to the feeling that you are not creative enough. Creative means different to different people. It is therefore important to understand what creativeness means to you. Some artists feel that they are not good enough after comparing their art with others or because they have been in the field long enough. But this is what I can say concerning the same, get your shoulders high and feel good about your work. It will evolve with time. Show what you have to the world. You will be surprised to see people who love your work.

No one is buying my art

When you realize that no one is purchasing your work, find out if you are using the right blueprint to get sales. What channels are you using to market and sell your products? If it is an online store, are you updating it regularly? Are you targeting the right audience? If you are promoting through social media, are you doing it the right way? Address the issue personally and make sure to find out why exactly youโ€™re not getting sales.

I do not have a plan for my sales

Planning is the only path to sales. Plans help you concentrate on your mission and enables you to attain objectives faster. Without a plan, you might not find enough sales. It is as well essential to check how other artists are selling their work. Nowadays the malls and galleries are not the only sale points; there are other platforms in the social media where you can upload and sell your work.

Wrong target audience

artist, paintingIt is important to have an idea of whom you will sell your art to. The people who will most probably purchase your work. This is what we call the target audience. We could call it your market in other words. Identifying your target audience ensures that you market to the right platforms. If for instance, your target audience is formed by politicians, it will work best if you market your work among politicians.…