Phyllis Wheatley Community Center’s mission is to provide comprehensive, quality programs in life-long learning, child development and family support for the diverse Greater Minneapolis community.


Phyllis Wheatley Community Center’s core values are about trust, discovery and success.

Trust. A safe place that draws people and resources together in order to address the challenges and needs of the whole person creating hope for a better life.

Discovery. A commitment to an asset-based approach that helps individuals and families discover and build upon their strengths.

Success. A legacy of leaders and leadership that serves as a road map for those seeking to improve their future and impact their community.

Phyllis Wheatley Community Center is a safe place that draws people and resources together to advance personal leadership in building a better life.

“Phillis Wheatley’s life shows that in spite of what’s happening on the outside, there is something within that can help you prevail. Her story is the story of everyone who walks through our doors. Phyllis Wheatley Community Center is about hope, and that hope is how we relate to people so that they can make connections and realize they have options.” – Barbara Milon, Executive Director, Phyllis Wheatley Community Center


We honor our namesake, Phillis Wheatley, by respecting and drawing upon the legacy of African-American achievements and contributions to the human community with PRIDE:

Providing opportunities for educational and leadership development.

Recognizing and building upon one’s personal strengths and cultural heritage

Invigorating healthy relationships among and between diverse families

Developing the capacity of individuals and families to achieve the goals they set for themselves

Encouraging and celebrating achievement, respect, compassion and service to others.

To lift the spirits, we welcome and celebrate events and occassions that bring joy and good feelings to the hearts of people of diverse backgrounds.