What’s the Issue?

The achievement gap between the academic scores of white students and students of color on the north side of Minneapolis is among the largest anywhere in the State according to Minneapolis Public Schools and results from recent MCA II test scores, Minnesota Department of Education.  PWCC believes that all families have assets to draw upon and that all children are capable of achieving success in school and in life.  Research suggests that children who are prepared to begin school and who are doing well academically by third grade are far more likely to graduate on time, pursue a college education and become productive, engaged citizens.

What are we Doing About it?

AAP is a strategic partnership with Bethune Community School, Hamline University’s Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching and others using a research based accelerated learning community model which engages, through a personal connection to learning, and energizes low performing students and their parents from diverse cultural & economic backgrounds to achieve school success.  Our focus is on academics (especially language & literacy) and on strengthening developmental assets through quality experiences tailored to meet the needs of each student.  We provide positive, stable role models including screened and trained tutors & mentors, year around- during the school day, after school and through the summer months.

Our focus is on supporting low performing K-3 students and their parent/guardian to meet or exceed grade-level academic standards and achieve school success.  For more information please contact Elana Dahlberg, Youth Enrichment Coordinator, 612-977-3251, elanad@phylliswheatley.org