What’s the Issue?

Truancy is a problem for many north Minneapolis elementary school students. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between attendance and a child’s ability to succeed in school.  If a student’s attendance rate drops below 84%, Hennepin County child protection services intervenes. Because these students are elementary school age and parents hold primary responsibility for ensuring their child’s attendance at school, frequent absences often indicate significant challenges at home.

What are we Doing About it?

We are focusing on youth between the ages 6-21 , attending a public school in Hennepin County and who are at risk of school failure due to an established pattern of absenteeism (within the 89%-85% attendance range in the past school year) and parental disengagement.  Services are provided in accordance with Hennepin County Attorney’s Office contract and school policies.

Together, with our partners, we are improving students’ school attendance and increasing parental/family engagement in their child’s educational success by building meaningful relationships.  For more information contact Valerie Stevenson, be@school Coordinator, at 612-977-3253 or valeries@phylliswheatley.org