Facts about iMemories

Photography / Thursday, December 26th, 2019

The modern, digital technology has made it easier for individuals who want to keep and store their videos ad images. Gone are the days when people used to print off their photos to keep them safe. Manufacturers have come up with machines that allow people to view videos and slides.

People use different methods to digitize their home photos and update them. Some of them prefer scanning their home photographs, but this can affect the quality of their slides. Imemories is a system that allows people to digitize their old photos, slides, and videos. In fact, it is one of the most economical methods of saving and storing mazing memories.

Why Should People Use iMemories?

This service makes it easy for individuals who want to digitize their old memories like home videos, negatives, super 8s, photos, and then send them back to an easily accessible format. Digitized memories can be shared using modern devices like tablets, computers, and phones.

Which Formats Can You Digitize With iMemories?

This service is very efficient because tot can be used to digitize different forms of old movies or photos. You can, therefore, use it to turn your old memories into more digitized and modern styles. iMemories can be used to digitize:

  • Super 8s
  • 16mm
  • VHS
  • 8 mm/Hi8
  • 8mm
  • Slides
  • Negatives
  • Photo Prints
  • MiniDV

These options show that iMemories is an amazing service that allows users to access their old memories into a more accessible digital format. This process can be done inexpensively and quickly, making it be of the most reliable service solutions. Digitizing the old memories makes it easy for customers to access their videos and photos on their modern devices. These include

accessing photos with a smartphone

  • Desktops
  • Smartphones
  • Tables
  • Blue-Ray
  • Laptops
  • Televisions
  • Smart TVs

This shows that we have many versatile forms that one can use to access his old memories. In general, this service has made it easier for individuals who want to store and share their past memories.

How to Use iMemories

The entire process of digitizing old videos and photos can be summarized in three steps. This process was created around effectiveness and accuracy. Customers can get a quick, quality service that can help them in digitizing their old memories.

Ordering the safe ship kit is the first step. This kit comes with various boxes and bags that people can use to send in their memories without feeling insecure during the entire shipping process. In addition to this, this kit comes with shock-resistant foam, waterproof bags, free shipping labels, and a crush-proof box.

Once you have acquired a new kit, you should load it up and then sent it to this service. The content of the customer’s kit is careful reviewed at their headquarters. After analysis, one is given a quotation of the digitizing cost. Customers are charged after their quotes are approved. The final step is the enhancement of digitalization and memories. This service is meant to make your old photos and videos look better and make them more accessible.