How to Improve Ad Performance

Guides / Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

PPC, also known as pay-per-click, is a crucial tenet of any online marketing strategy. Any perceptive marketer cannot overlook its contribution to online marketing because it promises fast results. The nature of results achieved using any PPC campaign is largely depended on how you go about this process. You can choose to use either manual or automated methods.

PPC Ad automation, in particular, promises excellent results. Automating PPC campaigns saves you a great deal. It simplifies the entire marketing process by automating most tasks associated with PPC campaigns. In light of this fact, this article shares some tips aimed at helping marketers achieve their goals

Automate Ad Copies

There are many ways that you can automate your ad content. Irrespective of the automation tool that you will be using, you can use your website content to generate targeted ads. In some cases, you can use the IF function to allow you to display specific messages when certain conditions are met, or create ads based on data feeds that use AdWords Scripts.

Automate Campaign Scheduling

In any field, you need to understand market trends. As such, you can always learn this from your conversion data. When you know the days or seasons when the business is at its peak, you can schedule your campaigns appropriately. Getting the timing right is essential in improving PPC ad results and conversion rates.

Automate Bid Management

Bidding can be a time-consuming process. As such, automating bid management means that you will be able to use the time that would have otherwise been lost during manual biding. Automated bidding helps with keywords, campaigns, or ad groups. Some common Google AdWords smart bidding features that you can use include Targeted CPA bidding, Enhanced CPC, and Max Conversions.

Automate Account Alerts

Account alerts play a vital role when running multiple PPC ads simultaneously. You only need to have the alerts feature turned on. In case there are any anomalies, the anomaly detector scans your campaigns periodically and notifies you. You only need to log into your account, look at the alerts, and resolve the issue.

Automating PPC Reports

Most automation tools have a reporting feature. These reports help markers, analyze data, and plan their next steps. Marketers should analyze and work on these reports to ensure that your PPC campaign is up to speed.