Best Exercise for People in Their 50’s


Starting an exercise program can help reverse problems caused by inactivity and make you feel good overall. Exercise helps maintain mobility and balance, reducing the risk of falls in the future, which will help you stay fit after 50. You can also try incorporating stretching exercises into your warm-up and cool-down programs, including those that promote a range of movements and activities such as cross-country skiing, cycling, swimming, and other aerobic exercises that also help prevent injury and facilitate recovery.


sports activity swimmingWhat makes swimming such an acceptable form of exercise? Why is swimming good for seniors? Believe it or not, swimming provides your cardiovascular system with the same type of workout as a dance or Pilates class. When you’re not swimming, you’re running, and this constant movement increases your heart rate, keeps your heart muscle healthy, promotes blood circulation, and improves blood pressure. As you push and pull yourself through the water, your arms and legs are always striving against the water’s resistance, forcing your small and large muscles to flex, strengthen, and tone.


People 50 and older have a lot to gain from cycling. There are undeniably many people over 50 who are still in excellent health. For them, there may be no difference between now and when they would have been 35. However, almost all people over 50 are not as healthy as they used to be. Low-impact aerobic exercise, such as cycling, is ideal for people over 50 who cannot tolerate the high-intensity exercise, perhaps because their knees are not as healthy as they used to be. Cycling is not only a way to explore the area by bike, but also an aerobic, strength, and endurance exercise, and could ultimately provide health benefits for years to come.

Hiking or Walking

walking stroll exerciseDid you know that different types of cardiovascular exercise can be very beneficial for burning fat? We all know it sounds crazy. However, walking is one of the few types of activity that does not stimulate cortisol production in our bodies. Walking is one of the best and simple cardio exercises that men can do at home, on a treadmill, or even on the local road. Frequent walking is a proven way to reduce anxiety and stress and improve mood. The farther apart the steps are, the better your physical and mental well-being will be.


Regular yoga works all your muscles and can ease tight muscles’ pain because it challenges your muscles with a full range of motion. You will find that your flexibility gradually increases, and challenging poses quickly become easy if you continue. This can help relieve feelings of stiffness and fatigue – especially yoga for the over-50s-and is popular with people with arthritis. Stiff joints and connective tissue can lead to poor posture and restlessness.…