Tips on Tracking Online Shipment


You cannot avoid deliveries when you are doing online shopping. Depending on the shipping procedures, you might have to wait for days or maybe weeks but you can track your parcel through Some online stores will direct you to a shipping company, and others will handle the deliveries and provide the tracking information. Here are tips on tracking online shipments.

Using an App

online shipmentMany app developers have designed apps for not only scanning codes but also for tracking. The apps are available for all smartphone users. You will get tracking updates on your phone and be notified when your package reaches its final destination. The apps may be linked to your Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud to ensure all details are safe.

Many people prefer tracking apps because they can do it wherever they are and at any time. It is also simple to track, the same way as using your smartphone. Most apps offer functions like; tracking history, sharing packages, delivery estimation time, package tracking, etc.

Using the Shipping Company Website

The shipping companies always provide a tracking system on their websites. Tracking on the website will give you an advantage of asking questions and getting information from the customer care support. The information you get is first hand. The company ensures there are no unnecessary delays.

Using the International Tracking System

online shippingA universal tracking services support over 45 shipping companies. All you need to do is fill in your package tracking number, and you will be able to get information about the package. You will get an email confirmation when your package is out of clearance and ready for delivery.

A universal tracking solution is an advantage to those who are not sure which company was used for shipping but have the package number. It will recognize the shipping company that was used upon entering the tracking number.

Using Google

online track shipmentThis will be helpful if you know the correct tracking number. If you search it on google, you will be directed to a tracking website or the right shipping company. For Gmail users, if you were sent shipping information that contains the tracking number. There is an option for tracking the package. By clicking the “track package” in the email, you will be taken directly to the shipping company page.

Email users can also use google by searching past purchases in the inbox. Type “track packages” on google, and you will receive information about the shipping company when you made the purchase and the online store’s name.…